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The Drew Carey show fans
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21st-Dec-2010 07:42 pm - Hey...
I've never really posted on this community before.
But I want to uphold the belief that I do indeed love the Drew Carey Show.
So I made a video for the fantastic programme, and hope that all DCS fans have a Very Merry Christmas indeed :)

19th-Jul-2009 11:07 pm - Drew icons.
Anna and Alex.
1-10 (CougarTown)
11-18 ( The Drew Carey Show)
19-24 ( Friends)
25-33 ( Freaks and Geeks)
24-38 ( Dhani Harrison )
39-45 ( gilmore Girls)
46-55 ( Julia Roberts)
56-67 ( scrubs)
68-73 ( Christa Miller)
74-80 ( sarah Chalke )
81- 96 (Random,Ryan adams, Zach Braff, Bands, Pineapple Express,Family Guy, The Office, he's Just Not That In to You)

  More Icons are here
Matt & Trey (Native & Pilgrim)
I'm not sure if this is allowed here, but if it isn't, I will gladly delete this entry :)

A vid celebrating all the dance moments in The Drew Carey Show.

It's available for download here, if you're interested - just leave a comment if you do :)

Feedback is always muchly appreciated!!!
22nd-Aug-2008 09:22 pm - New Icons
Anna and Alex.
Drew carey Show and Scrubs Icons

More Here
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